Thursday, April 17, 2014

Good Friday Reflection

Good Friday

 Remembering a God who hurts,
Who knows the tearing pain of lash,
The agony of sharpened thorns
And nails that rip the flesh
Unleashing rivers of a Godly love
In blood,
A God
Who knows too well the searing pain
That tears the heart—
The pain of dearest friends
Who did not understand
And slept while danger lurked,
Who bruised the heart
With smiling lips and friendly kiss
That hid a greeter’s greed,
Who promised, “I will serve,”
Yet claimed aloud, “I know him not.”
 My God of Love,
My God who hurts,
Remind me of the days I caused you pain,
The days when love was scarce—
When promises were made
With half a heart;
Remind me of the days
When I, too, slept
And did not understand
Your love was mine to share,
The days I smiled and said
“I will!”
But all too soon—
My courage on the run—
Announced defeat in whines that claimed
“I can’t.”
Forgive me, God of Love
And let my Friday pain
Arise with you on Easter morn,
My God of Ever New.
                                                       Ann Marie Slavin, OSF


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You do have a wonderful gift in expressing your thoughts in poetry. Blessings for a Good Friday!

Carol Z said...

Wishing you a blessed Easter!


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