Friday, November 9, 2012

Reflection: God IS Love--In So Many Ways!

I've often said that I pray with music--and very often with love songs. One of my favorites is the song "Perhaps Love"--particularly the rendition by John Denver and Placido Domingo. When I was on retreat last week, I printed out a copy of the lyrics and used them once again for prayer. For me to substitute the work "God" for "love" is very fitting. Yet I also began to think--why bother to substitute. God is Love and Love is God! And so, once again, I simply sat with the lyrics and let them touch my heart.

When I am tired--physically, emotionally, spiritually--it is God who shelters me and keeps me safe. God comforts me when I'm upset--and probably would like to do that more often if I'd just let go and admit I need comforting! When I am most alone, the thought of God will bring me home. That idea should give me comfort because I've been thinking a lot about how frightening it would be to die alone and unexpectedly as one of our sisters did recently.

The second verse reminds me of my own poem "And God Comes." The difference is that in the poem, God comes to me at times when I'm all closed up inside. God simply watches and waits for a time to come--when little by little I open my heart to God's loving presence.

And God Comes

Your door is open
oh so slightly…
I remember when it closed,
shut tight in fear,
but now, at least,
that oh so slight opening,
a sliver really
so the light can enter,
a light that barely touches
darkened depths
but still
that glimmer whispers hope;
a nudge…
more like a gentle breath…
and the sliver widens
till I can stand
within its space,
waiting quietly,
till your eyes lose their fear
and quiet breathing tells me
I am welcomed
in your

Ann Marie Slavin, OSF

I do see God in the ocean--but not in the sense of conflict and pain. To me, God reflects the ocean's depths--full of mystery and wonder. Like a fire, I find God warm and welcoming. I've seldom had the experience of sitting before a warm fire, but the few times I have, that's how I see it--warm, comforting, and welcoming. As for storms, I can't see God as thunder mainly because I find thunder frightening and God never frightens me. Actually God would be the one telling me I have nothing to fear from the thunder! I'm also not sure about the images of clouds and steel--although they might present opposing views of God. However, I can's say either one touches me in any way.

I can understand the line that says God is everything because, very simply, that is what God is! And yet there are those who shake their heads and say "I don't know." I pray they will come to know this God who is so loving and who has so much love for each of us.

And the end? There will be a day, I pray, when I won't need memories or songs or pictures to remind me of God There will come a day when I have God right in front of me. I will know God then in a whole new way and will know all about what love means and all that love holds!

And what about you. When you listen to this song, how does God speak to you?


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

We are never truly alone and it is a comfort to know that. We are loved and because of that we can love back. Thank you for sharing a very nice reflection today

Chatty Crone said...

You must have had a great time at your retreat. :) sandie

Crystal Mary said...

I am so glad you put the song there for me to hear. I didn't know it..but will now listen to it as soon as I finish writing this. Yes is so much of a mystery. And I often wonder how anyone can't believe in him. Your thoughts are beautiful, they make God very real... I can see he is the strong beat of your heart. Thank you Sister. Much love and hugs Crystal

Crystal Mary said...

They both have different styles of singing yet blend together so well. A beautiful song Sister. I remembered it once I heard it. xx


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