Friday, April 13, 2012

Who Are We? What AreWe About?

Who Are We?
Some of you have been following my blog for a while. Would you like to learn a little more about our congregation—how we came to be and what transpired for us during those early years? For many years, Sisters Mary Catherine Gurley, Adele Francis Gorman, and Emily Ann Herbes carefully and lovingly researched our history.  Their efforts were invaluable in helping us to preserve our legacy and to document our roots and our growth through rich decades of blessing and challenge.  Our history unfolded as the Spirit of God, after Anthony Bachmann’s death, inspired Anna Bachmann (Mother Francis) to look beyond the personal challenges of raising four children  to respond to the unmet needs of those who were poor in her own neighborhood.  Her courageous spirit, her daring “no risk, no gain,” has taken us far beyond her original imaginings and has endured over more than a century and a half in the hearts of her sisters today. 

Would you like to share in our history?  We are now offering free copies of “Celebrating the Journey...,” Volumes I and II, a history of the Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia from 1824-1970.  If you would like a copy of this historic journey, please contact Karen McEvoy, (610) 558-7712, or Just let Karen know that you are one of my blog followers. We’d be happy to mail you the two volumes.

What Are We About?
You might also like to know more about some of the issues that are important to us. One of those issues is the call for justice for immigrants and the need for comprehensive immigration reform. Each year we have what we call our “year-end retreat”—usually a program put together by our Office of Evangelical Life and our liturgy committee and sent to all of our convents. This year the topic was on immigration. You might enjoy viewing some segments of the DVD that we received. Sister Rose Mary Eve Holter introduces the program. The presentation by Fr. Richard Boeva, CSsR, is very worthwhile and informative as are the presentations by Sister. Marie Lucey and Sister Maureen Duignan. Sister Marie works with Franciscan Action Network and Sister Maureen works with East Bay Sanctuary in Oakland, California. She will share the stories of some of the immigrants with whom she has ministered. You’ll find the segments of the DVE on our website.


Dee said...

What a happy surprise to find a new follower to my blog. I hope you will please over looking my poor writing skills :) Dee

betty said...

Thank you, Sister. I was particularly interested in the year-end retreat and the subject of immigration.
April is Poetry Month. I am hoping you will have one posted for us before the end of the month.


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