Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Learning to Live With The Questions: A Reflection on "Holy Darkness"

One of my favorite hymns is Dan Schutte's "Holy Darkness." No matter how often I listen to it, I feel comforted and strengthened with a sense of calm--somehow music does that for me! This particular hymn reminds me that I don't always need to hold the answer in my hands--that sometimes it's necessary to live with the questions and trust that the answers will work themselves out. I have to admit that this is not naturally a comfortable position for me--and I suspect that a number of people feel the same way! I'm the kind of person who goes to the doctor with a list of questions that I "need" to have answered. When I travel, I need to research everything about the places I'll be seeing and I make sure I have with me printed copies of all available airport transportations possibilities, copies of info about the hotel and the restaurants in the hotel as well as restaurants within walking distance of the hotel. So being "in the dark" is not an easy place for me to be. And yet I love this hymn and find great comfort in it. You'll find one of my favorite reflective versions of the hymn on YouTube at It reminds me that only by taking a risk and embracing those situations in my life that I consider "darkness" will I really be able to fully embrace God's light and to fully grasp God's love and care for me. That, I know, involves trust and trying to grasp more fully every day what St. Francis meant when he reflected on the question "Who are you, O God, and who am I?"


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I've learned that having all the answers isn't really important at all. None of us do one way or another. I try to live trusting and believing that our dear Lord knows them. I like that song too. I hadn't heard it for awhile.

Ted Witham said...

dear Sister

Thank you so much for introducing me to "Holy Darkness" - an unusually powerful hymn.

Pax et bonum

Ted Witham tssf

Crown of Beauty said...

I can't believe the timing of this post for me, dear blog friend. Thank you for writing it, it feels like it was written just for me.

I will listen to it now, thanks for posting the link as well.

Blessings of love, peace, hope and joy...

Crown of Beauty said...

I just finished listening to the song. It's awesome , the timing for me is perfect, and the lyrics are so meaningfully beautiful.

Thank you for sharing.


Susan said...

Lovely post. I travel like you, sometimes maybe spending more "prep" time than actual travel time. It is hard to let go of control but that is exactly what we must do. After all, any control we think we have is just an illusion anyway.


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