Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Good News: Stories of Hope, of Service, and of God's Great Love!

The latest issue of our Good News publication is now available on our website! I'm sure you'll enjoy the two feature articles. The first is the story of Sr. Donna Fread who ministers as a court-appointed advocate for children in Washington State. The story focuses on several of the situations in which Sr. Donna has been involved and talks about the efforts she has made in the interests of the children she represents.

The second feature article is about a program that our sisters were responsible for developing several years ago--the God's Extravagant Love program. The aim of the program is to share the richness of our Franciscan theological heritage with the broader Church. It's amazing how the program has caught and our sisters have taken the program not only to the areas in which wer minister to various parts of the world. In fact, two of our sisters recently presented the program in Singapore! I made a retreat based on the program a few years ago and would very much like to do it again. The richness of the presentations is something that one can hear over and over and still be touched by it in still newer ways. Actually the focus of the current article is the ways in which one of our sisters, Sr. Rose Mary Eve Holter has adapted the program for young children. You'll love reading about the children entering the "heart of God" and learning about the wonderful "extravagant" love God has for each of them.

The issue, in addition to these two feature articles, also has a number of small updates about what our sisters and/or our sponsored ministries are doing. Don't forget to check out the list of this year's jubilarians. You might see a familiar name!

You can find a copy of the latest Good News--as well as copies of back issues--on our website:
http://www.osfphila.org/about/goodnews. If you'd like to be added to our mailing list to receive your own copy, simply email us at communications@osfphila.org. There is no charge and the magazine is published three times a year. The mailing list is not shared with anyone else and you will not receive anything else unless you request specific information. You can also request to be added to our email list to receive Good News if you would prefer that to a hard copy. Just let us know!

Happy Reading!

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