Monday, December 5, 2011

Finding Advent and Eucharist in Music

On Saturday here at Assisi House, we enjoyed a beautiful concert before Mass by the Blue and Gray--the St. James High School Alumni Choir. St. James was a boys' high school in Chester, Pennsylvania, which closed a number of years ago. Their alumni choir, however, is a very active group which uses their music ministry to raise funds for a number of wonderful causes.

One of the hymns they sang before Mass was one of my favorites--"Holy Darkness." Ironically I've always thought of it as a Lenten hymn (and the video below does reinforce that idea) but when I heard it on Saturday, it struck me as very appropriate for Advent. Maybe it's just this year when darkenss an d the awareness of answers and outcomes being hidden that makes it seem particularly meaningful. Even the line "As we await you, O God of Silence, we await your holy night," seems particularly Advent-themed. What do you think?

The choir also sang during Mass. At Communion they sang "In Remembrance of Me." The words seened to strike me more forcibly than I've experienced before with that hymn--that the idea of Eucharist extends far beyond the liturgy, reaching to the way we relate to others and to the world around us. This, I think, is how we live the idea of Eucharist, making it not just a particular moment in the Eucharistic liturgy but a way of life lived in relationship. Now what's that if not Franciscan! I couldn't find the hymn with accompanying lyrics but I think the words are clear enough. 

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betty said...

I do not know this hymn but after listening to it, I think that it is appropriate for Holy Night and Holy Saturday. Both nights fulfill the prophecies and bring light to our souls.


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