Friday, July 30, 2010

Congratulations to Sister Ursula!

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Please join me in congratulating one of our sisters, Sr. Ursula Tisdall. Sr. Ursula was recently awarded the 2010 Vanguard Compassionate Caregiver Award for her ministry as a chaplain at Metro West Medical Center in Framingham, Massachusetts! She was one of 30 employees nominated by patients and peers, became one of three finalists, and was ultimately chosen as the 2010 winner.

I think the video below provides an excellent picture of why Sr. Ursula qualifies for this award. However, there is, for me, a sense of personal pride in being able to share this story. When I first went out to teach (many + years ago!) I was assigned to teach fifth grade. At that point in time, we were also assigned a mentor to "break us in" to teaching. Sr. Ursula, herself and excellent teacher, was teaching sixth grade at the time and she was assigned to be my mentor. Each night we worked on lesson plans and often I was encouraged to keep my classroom door open so she could "hear" what I was doing. I guess it paid off because I taught for 36 years--both in elementary and secondary school! So thanks, Ursula, for getting me off to a good start. We are so proud of you!

2010 Compassionate Caregiver Winner! from MetroWest Medical Center on Vimeo.
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Chatty Crone said...

I don't know her, but she sounds wonderful - CONGRATS to her.


Sita said...

How beautiful and how blessed you are to have had such a mentor. I love her just hearing her voice and the stories about her as much as I love you from reading your words and also your personal prayer and encouragement for me.

I've secretly wished that I would have a 'mentor' as well ever since I came to this country--someone older, wiser, someone godly, with 'see' something in me and walk alongside...I've even asked a couple of ladies to 'disciple' me..
for some reason, none worked out and it makes me sad..but perhaps God wants me to see Him as 'mentor' in a very special way...


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