Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Franciscan Journey Into Cyberspace

Well, the Sisters of St. Francis are moving a bit further into cyberspace. I've written before about encouraging our sisters to go on to Facebook as a way of sharing our message, reconnecting with former students and coworkers, and making known some of the issues that are important to us. As of last week we now have approximately 50 sisters on Facebook! We had set up a Sisters of St. Francis group there as well but didn't really find that too successful. Last week Florence, our communications director, set up a Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia fan page and we're finding that much more effect as far as attracting "fans" and getting out the good news of who we are. In less than a week we got more than 90 members. If you're on Facebook, why not look us up and become a fan!

We also set up a Twitter account last week and we're still trying to get acclimated with that. Florence is taking care of administering the congregational account and I've set up my own so that, in some ways, we feed off of one another. We'd love to have you come and follow us there if you have a Twitter account. Check out http://twitter/SrsofStFrancis and http://twitter/SrAnnMarieS.

And, of course, there are our YouTube channels. Again, Florence maintains the congregational one at www.youtube.com/user/SrsofStFrancisPhila and I take care of my own at www.youtube.com/user/annmarieslavin. Both have our congregational videos and clips from our 2009 jubilee celebration. Both also have videos connected with issues that are important to us as a congregation. My channel, however, also has a lot of music that I like. I'm not sure how many people have my taste in music! Some of my favorites include Irish music and songs by Josh Groban, Placido Domingo, John Denver, and a few others.  

Hope to meet some of you in cyberspace!

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TheNote said...

Oooh, I really like this - especially the YouTube . . Thanks.


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